Friday, 1 May 2015

Saddle Island Hauraki Gulf

A Day on Saddle Island  A little off the beaten track.

Scenic Island Hauraki Gulf NZ
Saddle Island Hauraki Gulf NZ

One of the many things I love about living in NZ and especially being in the Auckland District is being able to head out for a days fishing or better still a day to explore and picnic on one of the Islands of the Hauraki Gulf.

There are more than 50 islands with in the Gulf, however they are not all for public enjoyment. But you can land at Saddle Island no problem. There are signs up with a few rules to obey eg no fires etc and that is all.

No permit needed for a day trip.

Saddle Island is one of my favourite Islands as it is easy to access from our local shore line, has a lovely sandy beach, is very scenic, does not get over run with people so you can enjoy a quite day with nature and is enjoyable for swimming, walking and exploring. I also enjoy to snorkel off the rocks there.

We put the boat in at Martins Bay, Mahurangi  East and from there on a calm day it only takes 1/2 hour give or take across to the Island.

Coming Into Saddle Island

Walk Up into the Bush and across to other side. 10 mins walk

Views from Bush Looking down on other side of Saddle Island.
To access the Island you need a small boat or you can moor a large boat and use dingy to land on the Island. A public ferry service does not go to the Island. The side of the Island with the Lovely sandy beach is often sheltered. The perfect spot for a days visit.


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