Monday, 11 May 2015

NZ Plants for Photography

 Out with the camera again
this time taken photos of plants. From native plants to flowers in the domestic garden taking a look at  some plants often seen around  North NZ

The Pohutukawa Tree Sprawls out over many NZ beaches , Parks and in many gardens. Great for picnicking under, climbing for the kids and is our Natural outdoor Christmas tree as it flowers during our Christmas / summer holidays.
Pohutukawa Flower

Arum Lilly

Our dependant flax plant seen everywhere , Bush ,Beach , Side of the Road and Gardens. The Maori people used it in many different  ways clothing, nets and baskets,  dried and weaved flax is very useful. The flax flower is favoured by native birds..
Flax Plant

Flax Flower
The flax is everywhere you look

Tui Bird feeding on flax flower.

Tree Fern seen  Through out NZ Bush
Tree Fern Frond

Blue Iris Flower Domestic Gardens

Banksia  Rose Climber

Red Hot Pockers

Tea Tree  Flower NZ Native Bush Plant

Tea Tree Seen through out NZ Bush

Bird of Paradise Flower

Cabbage Tree seen in the Home Garden and NZ Bush

Kauri Tree dotted here and there NZ Bush. Sadly this huge tree is struggling to survive  Hit recently by an unusual disease there is great concern for the Kauri Tree in NZ.

Nikau  Palm and Tree Fern

I hope to add more photos of plants that I see along the way to this post. Subscribe to this blog and you will get the latest as updates are made.

Young Nikau Palm  NZ Bush

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