Thursday, 23 April 2015

Being Touched By Family History

New Zealand War History

Hi Everyone,

Been so busy with family , summer and an overseas holiday
I have been meaning to post this day of which is a special piece of New Zealand History  and with  April Anzac Day  2015 being 100 year Anzac day Gallipoli Anniversary it is an emotional time for all of us.

A  recent walk down memory lane in Queen Street Auckland.

Granddads Medals

With Anzac day in a couple of days the raw history, sadness and past emotions are rising.
Most of us Kiwis were touched in one way or another by the world wars.
For me I remember my Mother and Grandmother still very emotional over the loss of my
Great Uncle of whom died from wounds received at Gallipoli during the first world war. He was only 23 years old and I am lucky to have copies of letters he wrote from the war.

Emotions High at the Queen Street Parade.

I recently enjoyed a very emotional day with family as we gathered for the 75 anniversary parade in memory of the Battle of the River Plate and those who served on the HMS Achilles.

My Grandfather was a CPO on the Achilles at the time of the Battle on 13th  Dec 1939 when HMS Achilles, HMS Exeter and HMS Ajax took on the German Battle Ship Admiral   Graf Spee. It was a battle heavily out weighed by the more p of the Battle Ship that had better odds than the smaller cruisers and thank goodness the Graf Spee came off second best and the HMS Achilles although a little worse for wear , returned to New Zealand.

The success of the battle was a huge thing for NZ and the return of the Achilles resulted in a massive ticker tape parade down Queen Street. you can imagine the emotion   on the day as we joined in on the 75th anniversary down Queen Street in memory of the Battle , the Achilles and proudly wearing Granddads medals as our thoughts bought him back to us for the day.


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