Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Watch The Sun Come Up Rangitoto Island Auckland

Beautiful Sunrise....You do not need to travel far out of the  Auckland City to get a perfect scenic sunrise. All you need to do is find your way to one of the many North Shore Beaches or try what I did last  weekend and head off on an early morning fishing trip.
As long as it is going to be a nice day and you leave early enough you will not be disappointed and Rangitoto sets the perfect scene for some stunning photos.
I was not too keen to take my good camera out fishing but instead used my mobile to get these photos of the sun rising behind the  Island.

As for the Fishing

Although we got lots of good bites we ended up with only two snapper that were keepers but I have never been disappoint at this location for fishing as there is so much else going on around the channel it is a little different that the norm that I am used to.

There are often large ships coming into the city and always something to look at and to keep you entertained. Can't wait to go again.


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