Friday, 15 November 2013

New Zealand Coastal In Black and White

Hi Everyone,

 Its been a while since I posted here so I thought I would share  the fun I recently had while out with my new Nikon Coolpix Camera.

After trying the many settings I enjoyed taking some snaps while out walking on the coast last weekend and found I was having fun with the Black and White setting.
I often take photos of all sorts of crazy things as I share them on public domain so others can use them for free to enhance their online ventures.

Close ups is my usual setting.
Black and White just for fun really but there is something about nature  and Black and White.

Take a look at the outcome. See what you think.

Sheltered Inlet North Island New Zealand Coast

Wonder of wood and trees in Black and White

Coast Framed By Pohutukawa  Tree branches
The Pohutukawa  Tree  is an amazing tree that can grow well in even the most rugged of coastlines and is commonly seen on New Zealand Beaches. It has the  most amazing red flower that covers the tree during a good hot season and is known as the New Zealand Christmas tree.
The Branches sprawl out in all directions .A good subject for black and white photography.

If you look into the background of this picture you can see a small hut which you can rent out for a night or two You just need to work out how to get across the water with your gear. Private and peaceful

Pohutukawa Tree
 Another fun day with my camera. Hope to get out a little more over summer. Stay in touch and check out the next post.

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