Friday, 3 May 2013

My First Overnight Doc Hut Stay Peach Cove

Peach Cove

Enjoy A bush hike and Over night stay In Kiwi bush

I have a great friend who like myself loves the outdoors and has recently taken up hiking. A few weeks ago she decided I needed a break  as my time is taken up caring for my mum whom has cancer.
I have not had a holiday for more than 5 years and a night out for my husband and I seemed a good idea .A little R and R.
The peach cove hut was chosen for the fact that it only takes an hour to walk in. and it is not too far for us to travel. I had never done any back pack hiking so this was a first for me.
My friend and her partner have had a lot more  experience hiking, one with hunting for days in the bush at a time and the other has recently hiked for 5 days on the Heaphy  track. Able Tasman Nelson

The Joys Of Hiking

I tried to do a little prep just walking the streets around town but that still did not quite prepare me for this walk.

First I had my pack way too heavy with water and dinner. Plus a little heavy refreshment to help us through the evening.
I now realise how you need to pack carefully..

The night before we left on the walk I found an article  on line from a lady who had hiked the peach cove walk and she  did mention the  800 and something steps down to the hut.. At the time my thoughts were, down is ok  I was hoping there would be some other way out.

Up Or Down

One Step at a Time 

You can see how walking up or down 818 steps could be a little daunting how ever I soon found that it was not so bad on the return journey and went about counting from the bottom up that seemed to help in a funny sort of way, although I lost count many times.. The packs were lighter too so that made the going a lot easier

Over all the walk was not too bad .The views from the ridge were great. The bush is beautiful. The hut was comfortable enough and  had a good sized deck to sit and enjoy the evening and listen to the birds which seemed to be everywhere even after dark.
We went for a walk down to the  beach 5 mins from the hut  and tried a little fishing. It is a great little cove to explore with many rock formations and surging sea and would be ok for a swim in the summer.

Photos Taken At Peach Cove

Over all my first hike  was fun and next time I would stay a couple of nights just to relax a bit more and have time to explore but if you want to see a little of natural New Zealand what a great way to do it and  it is so cheap to stay in the doc huts. This would be one of the short walks though many are hours or even days long.

More Hike Photos.

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