Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas In NZ

Christmas The Silly Season

I have not been posting on my blogs for a while. Things went a little crazy. We bought our first home which is  just fantastic and we are very lucky. Really it was all thanks to Kiwi saver giving us a deposit boost and the right house coming along at  the right time. It all came together over a couple of months but moving was not too easy as we had been renting a farm house for many years and had gathered a ton of stuff. Our new house is a lot smaller so we had to have a huge clean out. But we got here and we love it. Our first Christmas in out own house.

Pohutukawa Flower.NZ Natural Christmas Tree. They say when the Pohutukawa tree flowers well we are in for a long hot summer. The trees are giving a beautiful display this week so it is looking good.

Christmas in NZ is a hectic time as I am sure it is anywhere in the world, Many Kiwis go to their holiday batches or go camping as Christmas lands in out summer months.. However at this time of the year the weather is unpredictable and it has been known to be cold and wet. Word out on the street is that this year in the North Island anyway we may be troubled by the left over of cyclone Evan which has recently battered Samoa and Fiji so Kiwis do it times have to hold down the tent pegs to make sure the tent is still there in the morning when the wind blows but it does not stop us from getting out there and making the most of it.
The shops are busy, everyone is out stocking up for an influx of visitors and the roads are busy as cues start to form. Cars and boats heading for the coast. Today the weather is humid and hot and  if the temperatures stay like this the beautiful beaches will be packed, BBQ,s will be cranking and hooks will be baited. Let the fun begin.

I myself am working over the Christmas and New Years break so I will not get caught up in the crowds. But I do hope the weather is nice and that everyone has a save and happy holiday with lots of sunshine. Last year was lacking weather wise so let it be a good one. Happy Holiday.....

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