Thursday, 14 June 2012

Winter Gardens Auckland Domain

A Day What To Do In Auckland

What do you do in NZ in the cooler months well we do have choices. During a good winter season if you have good balance you can take up snowboarding and head down country to hit the slopes.
Really it all depends on the weather and  it can go from dismal and damp and wet to cool with beautiful days. Of cause I prefer the later as do most people I know. Luckily for us so far we have had some pretty good days this winter.

As I often take my mother to Auckland to the Hospital where she sometimes has appointments that can take 2-3 hours,  the other day,  as it was such a beautiful day I went for a walk around the corner from the hospital and took an stroll into the Auckland Domain. The domain is beautiful and you can also find the Museum and  gardens in the domain. The good thing is I had my camera and so I did my best to take some photos. I hope to revisit to get some snaps of the museum. If you visit Auckland a visit to the Domain is a must do to add to your list.

The Auckland Domain is a great place to enjoy a nice day in the city.Walk, play sport, picnic and relax.You can visit the Museum and enjoy the gardens.
It was a good day to view the winter gardens.

I hope to update this post next visit with more photos and some of the Museum.One thing for sure in NZ during winter if the sun shows you need to get outdoors and enjoy every moment.

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