Saturday, 12 May 2012

Visit To The Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo Trip

I had been to the Auckland Zoo a few times on school trips and then again a few years ago but I was keen to go again and with my sister visiting from Australia it seemed the perfect time to check out all the new stuff at the Zoo.

Out of all the wild life Parks and Zoos I have been too the Auckland Zoo is by far the best and if you are lucky enough to  get the chance to go take a picnic and go for the day because it is a fantastic place to visit and it is nice to see that so much effort , thought and time has gone into making the animal enclosures natural and healthy environments so the animals are relaxed and as  happy as they can be away from their natural freedom.Some of my photos did not come out so good .I was so excited I just couldn't wait to see the next enclosure.I also had a group of excited people  keen to keep moving.There is so much to see at the Zoo.

The Natural Surroundings abound The trick was working out which way to go first and then a sense of panic that something would be missed.Everywhere you turn there are fantastic natural walkways and enclosures
Zebras, Giraffes and Emus share one huge enclosure.

Happy Animals getting along together.

Flamingos By Their Pond

Happy Hippos stay cool in their big pond.
I loved watching the Hippos and again was urged along.I am the sort of person that could easily  sit and watch all day.

I could not take my eyes off the seal pool it  is  so good and the seals are so happy they  have a great pool to have fun and play I could stay and watch them all day and I did try.You can also view them through glass swimming under water and their pool is especially made for them to have an underwater obstacle course which they seemed to enjoy and it bought them right in front of the glass to the delight of those watching.

A favourite for me I could of stayed and watched the Seals happily playing and swimming all Day
The Seals and Penguins have a Fantastic Pool and Hangout

These were the best of my photos, The monkey forest is good but my photos did not come out good enough, The lions and tigers were asleep which was a shame.It was good to see the Kiwi birds believe it or not we don't really see them. They are few and far between and come out in the under cover of bush at night.
I know I missed lots of stuff at the Zoo so that is why I am going back soon and can't wait.If you are visiting Auckland put the zoo on your must do list.

We all had a great family  day out.

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