Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tiritiri Matangi Island Day Trip

Many New Zealanders are keen to put time and effort into conservation and regenerating Forests, Islands and saving our Native Birds and Animals from extinction. I was lucky enough recently to spend a wonderful day on Tiritiri  Matangi Island in the Hauraki Gulf North Island New Zealand.
TiriTiri Matangi Island is a perfect example of what can happen  when lots of keen conservation driven people put hundreds of hours of free time into clearing, and planting thousands of native trees in what was once cleared farm land, scrub and weed.Reverting an Island  back to its natural habitat is no easy task. Yet this Island has been transformed into a bird song paradise.
My first visit to Tiritiri was when I was just a kid and I remember walking up over the farmland to get to the Lighthouse so I jumped at the chance to revisit the Island again and was blown away by the change and how beautiful it is walking through the Native bush tracks and stopping to admire and listen to the many Native Birds. The Island goes on the must do list for anyone that has the chance I highly recommend a day trip to Tiritiri Matangi.

We Got The Tiri Kat from Gulf Harbour Whangaparoa.
You can get a ferry from Auckland or Gulf Harbour to the Island.

NZ Native Wood Pigeon

Bird Song,

                    Native Plants

                              and Beautiful Views.
 You Can Book A Guide

 I am of average fitness.I so not exercise everyday and I am certainly not super fit.I found the walking tracks easy and you stop many times on the track to listen and check out the birds so it is a pleasant hike to the lighthouse. When you book the ferry you can also book a guide for when you get to the Island which is what we did. There are some very special people that volunteer their time and come to the Island to guide groups up to the Light House pointing out the different Native plants, birds and Island History  along the way.

To make the walk even more enjoyable we kindly had the offer of having out packs taken to the lighthouse for us so we did not need to carry any weight. All you need to keep with you is a bottle of water and a camera and you set off so if you pack an extra heavy picnic its ok and your bags will be waiting at the top when you get there. There is something very relaxing walking through Kiwi bush and it was wonderful to spot birds that I had never seen before the bush was alive with birdsong.

The birds that I got to see were Bellbirds, Whitehead, Tui's, Wood Pigeon, Riflemen, and Takahe, There is quite a variety of birds that have been taken to the Island and so it really is a bird watchers paradise.

Tiritiri Light House Check out the History of the Tiritiri Lighthouse

Once you reach the top and make it to the lighthouse this is the place to enjoy a packed picnic lunch check out the gift shop and visitors centre then relax and admire the views.
A great day out.

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