Sunday, 8 April 2012

A Day At Tawharanui Regional Park

Photo taken Snells Beach Early Morning Easter 2012
Perfect Weather For The Long Weekend.

After getting through xmas and the cooler than average temperatures with lots of rain in the mix we have finally been treated in the North with the perfect weather for a long relaxing outdoor weekend over Easter.Even with my busy lifestyle I have made it to the beach for walks and  on Sunday we had a fantastic day at  Tawharanui Regional Park North of Auckland  (about one hour and 20 min drive North  Auckland) and the day was so warm that we even braved the cool sea and went for a lengthy  swim amoungst the blue glistening waves.

Tawharanui is a beautiful place to visit where you can camp and or go for day trips where you really need on a nice day over the weekend to pack a picnic and go early.Many other people have also discovered this Conservation Marine park and it can get busy on a fine day.
A Popular place for surfing, swimming, hiking, mountain biking or just sitting on the sand, having lunch under the shade of the trees or walking amoungst the rock pools or caves.
I had my camera with me most of the weekend and as usual I was out to get the perfect scenic shot.

Photos From A Day AT Tawharanui Regional Park

The following photos were all taken at Tawharanui.

I am no photographer and my photos are all taken on a second hand pocket sized digital camera but these photos do show the beauty of the park.A Great place to spend a day or two if you are lucky enough to camp there.

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