Saturday, 24 March 2012

Introduction to ALL Things Kiwi NZ

Hi everyone

As I love taking photos and also the outdoors I  have decided to start a blog that is going to be themed about this beautiful country that I live in NZ.I will be staying away from Politics as it is just not my thing. But I hope to build a blog that will share some beautiful scenery, wild Life, Kiwi made stuff, kiwi craft and a little taste of Kiwi favourite food with some special recipes over time.

I have recently entered into the world of blogging due a marketing online course I have been checking out. I decided blogging is a good way of sharing stuff  and in some ways  this is the start of my practical training,  but this Kiwi blog I hope will become my hobby and passion rather than be saturated with affiliate links .I  am totally hooked on our beautiful beaches and scenery so I hope to bring you some beautiful places and  lots of outdoor photography.

Hope you will subscribe , comment and share this blog once it is up and running so you can come on this new project and on line journey with me.

Love to see you back.

Update April 2014

New website    themed to go with this blog.
Check it out Here


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